easyfloc: the recipe for success in prefabrication with loose insulation materials.


Resolver: for the perfect resolution

The pulper handles a high throughput and perfectly pulps all insulation materials. The pulper is operated fully automatically or conveniently via touchscreen.
Big bales

Big bales: for more profitability

Large bales reduce the refilling time and thus allow greater autonomy and efficiency. Cellulose fiber, wood fiber and mineral fiber are available as insulation material.
Weinmann Bridge

Weinmann bridge: for full automation

With this multifunction bridge, the blow-in panel is moved fully automatically over the open compartment and lowered. Spigot selection, type of compartment, insulation thickness and density are fed directly from the bridge with CAD data.
Injection module

Injection module: for constant material flow

The injection module is the central component of the hopper system and ensures the constant flow of material to the destination.
Insulation panel

Insulation plate: for efficient precision

Our insulation panel with membrane for low-dust injection can be easily installed in existing production lines and impresses with the industry's fastest insulation process.

Magazine: for low-dust big bale storage

The magazine can be loaded with several big bales at the same time. It is particularly suitable for companies that require high insulation capacities and can also be placed outside the production line.
Intermediate bunker

Intermediate bunker: for long distances

The intermediate bunker is a material storage device. It is used in particular for large distances between the bunker and the injection slab or is used for several insulation places.

The technology.
Higher performance, greater precision, more economy.

easyfloc is designed for integration into existing or new production lines and ensures uninterrupted processes. The industrial insulation system is modular and grows with the user's requirements.

The insulation panel.
The original with air-permeable membrane.

The easyfloc insulation panel for prefabricated wood construction elements is indispensable in industrial wood construction. The user-friendly operation via touchscreen or fully automatic with CAD data, the low-dust insulation process, the integrated quality assurance, and the industry's fastest insulation process ensure outstanding cost-effectiveness.

Swivel arm with control panel

Swivel arm with control panel: simply practical

The insulation plate is easy to operate not only thanks to the clear touchscreen, but also in particular thanks to the swivel arm, which makes placement particularly uncomplicated for large elements.
Insulation assistant

Insulation assistant: simply convenient

Our experience of 35 years flows into the computer-controlled insulation assistant. It makes the operation of the insulation plate additionally more comfortable and provides safety.
Diaphragm and pressure sensor

Diaphragm and pressure sensor: simply unique

The technology solutions ensure perfect distribution of insulation material in the compartment. At the same time, the membrane seals the compartments that are open at the top, thus ensuring low-dust injection.
Wood fiber kit

Wood fiber kit: single specific

The wood fiber kit is an additional equipment specifically designed for insulating with wood fibers, taking into account the special properties of the insulating material.

Even faster insulation process of the new G4 easyfloc blow-in panel:
The G4 easyfloc blow-in panel from isofloc has two feed lines
and six blow-in nozzles for fast, precise and low-dust filling in the prefabrication of timber frame construction elements.  

The new G4 easyfloc blow-in panel

easyfloc robot connection

Not without reason the No. 1: With easyfloc you reduce personnel expenses, production and changeover times to the absolute minimum and you still benefit from maximum quality and efficiency.

Economic efficiency.

Up to 5x faster than conventional methods.


Modular system and free choice of insulation material.


Fully automatic pressure-controlled injection process.


Comprehensive services and support from a single source.

The connection variants.
Automation levels for your needs.

Fully automatic Weinmann bridge

The multifunctional bridge for fully automated insulation processes of Industry 4.0. Manual operation is no longer necessary, the employee only controls the result.

Fully automatic Hundegger bridge

Data exchange between the blowing plate and the bridge is completely automatic. Positioning, quality control and the insulating process itself also take place without manual operation.

Semi-automatic easyfloc bridge

This bridge solution from isofloc can be operated as a mobile or stationary unit. Manual operation is not carried out at the insulation plate, but conveniently from the bridge - via control panel.

Manual solution with crane system

With this crane solution, the insulation plate is suspended from a chain in a free-swinging manner. Manual operation takes place directly at the insulation plate.

From the insulation machine to the bunker.

Insulation machine with control box

This machine is particularly suitable for processing small bales. It perfectly dissolves insulation materials and blows them further to the blowing plate, with integrated quality assurance.

Big bale shredder with blowing machine

The big bale shredder is particularly suitable for high throughput or when using different insulation materials. The working process is fully automatic, with integrated quality assurance.

Intermediate bunker

The ideal solution for bridging long insulation distances or for use with multiple insulation stations, with integrated quality assurance: Optimum material throughput is guaranteed at all times.


The bunker enables low-dust storage of large bales and is optionally equipped with quality assurance.

The insulation materials.
Full flexibility for every project.

Cellulose fiber

Whether it's interior or exterior insulation of walls or thermal insulation of floors, ceilings and roofs, cellulose proves to be the perfect solution for almost all insulation tasks.


Weight small bale: 12.5 kg

Weight big bale: 350 kg

Wood fiber

Injection wood fiber insulation made of native softwood impresses with excellent values in heat, cold and sound insulation. The ecological product is excellently suited for simple geometries.


Weight small bale: 15 kg

Weight big bale: 270 kg

Mineral fiber

Injection mineral wool insulation can be blown into wood structures in building components where a non-combustible insulation material is specified or desired.


Weight small bale: 16.6 kg

Weight big bale: 174 kg

The practical success.
Leading timber builders rely on easyfloc.

"Exactly what we wanted. You can tell that easyfloc has been developed in close cooperation with timber construction companies."

Stefan Bauereiß
Engelhard and Geissbauer GmbH

"We are convinced of the easyfloc isulation system and isofloc cellulose fibers for ecological and economic reasons."

Philipp and Walter Schöb
Schöb AG

"The installation of the easyfloc insulation system has significantly improved our material and production logistics. The injection of the insulation material is reliable and time-saving."

Tillmann Schütt
Gebr. Schütt KG 

The services.
For all-round successful operation.



Thanks to our many years of experience, we can ideally advise and accompany you on your way to automation.

Plant engineering

Plant engineering

We offer you the right application for every need - perfectly tailored to you. You decide what you need, we support you.



We attach great importance to the serious training of our future processors. In our training you will receive the necessary equipment for practice.



By means of remote maintenance, our first-level support is immediately available for you. If required, our service department will be happy to assist you.
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Experience easyfloc in the factory.

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